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USDA Rural Development

USDA Rural Development

Department of Federal Agriculture Program (For Purchase)

  1. Up to 102% LTV (borrowing margin).
  2. It can be loaned to include closing costs, under certain conditions.
  3. The municipality must be within USDA-approved territory
  4. For people of moderate and verifiable income with a pay stub, income tax return, and W-2.
  5. You can purchase a single housing unit primary residence or refinance to lower payment of an existing RURAL loan.
  6. It allows you to lend to buy and make repairs. (RURAL repairs).
  7. We have low-interest rates.

Conventional Loans



  1. Loan for principal residence, second and investment.
  2. Up to 80% LTV without mortgage insurance.
  3. 95% with private mortgage insurance for the main residence. (The mortgage insurance premium can be financed by up to 2%.)
  4. You can finance up to 90% LTV for the second residence with private mortgage insurance.
  5. For investment, you can reach up to 80% LTV without mortgage insurance.
  6. Qualification by a verifiable pay stub, income tax return, and W-2.
  7. Competitive interest rates.
  8. Limit $647,200.00 for one unit, $858,700.00 for two units, $1,001,650.00 for three units and $1,244,850.00 for four units.

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